Prepare: Library Search

All libraries have catalogues, and the majority of catalogues can be searched freely online. At Imperial, the best place to go to find out if the library has the information you want is the library’s catalogue, Library Search.

What can you find out using Library Search?

You will find all:

  • print, and electronic books, including your textbooks,
  • online and print journal titles,
  • online database titles,
  • electronic books,
  • maps,
  • reports,
  • theses,
  • DVDs, and
  • CDs

held in all libraries at Imperial. Library Search will tell you:

  • which library you can find an item in,
  • the link to an electronic journal, online database or electronic book,
  • where on the shelf you can find a print item (such as a book or map), and
  • if the item you want is already on loan.

Finally you can also use Library Search to:

  • reserve an item you need that is on loan,
  • request an article or book via document delivery,
  • view the items you have on loan, and
  • renew the items you have on loan.



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