Do your search: Accuracy

We would argue that accuracy means that facts can be supported by evidence and/or corroborated i.e. verified by another source.

You can determine whether information is accurate by establishing how it was compiled. You could use the following checklist:

  • does the author present research findings and is the research methodology explained?
  • are calculations free from errors?
  • has the information been edited and checked for spelling or grammatical errors?
  • is the work logically structured? Or does it look like it’s been put together in haste?
  • does the author cite the work of others to support or refute their arguments? If so, are the references sufficiently detailed to allow follow-up?

Poor quality work will not be well-structured, well-communicated, nor will the factual information have been corroborated or checked for errors. Neither will poor quality work provide sufficient links for you to investigate the arguments, evidence and findings further.


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