Plagiarism awareness: Learning outcomes

How would you define plagiarism? Do you know what plagiarism is? Do you know there are different types of plagiarism? We’ve asked lots of students what they think plagiarism is, and most of them say plagiarism is when you ‘cut and paste’ or copy other people’s work.

This is only one half of a definition of plagiarism. You need to have a full understanding of what plagiarism is, and why it is an academic offence.

After working through this section you should:

  1. be able to explain what plagiarism is, and identify six different types of plagiarism
  2. be familiar with the concept of academic integrity
  3. be able to explain how to avoid plagiarism
  4. know what your department and the College policy is on plagiarism
  5. be able to explain the difference between paraphrasing and using a quotation in your work

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