Communication: Introduction

You will find that you are asked to communicate and present your work in several different ways during your degree, and these will all provide you with practice for communicating your work to employers, or for communicating research to the academic community.

Depending on your course, you may have to write assignments that are either essays, reports or dissertations, and you may be asked to present work, either orally or by poster. In addition you may have to write as part of a group, for example on a project, and also present that work. You may have to prepare a seminar paper based on research. At the same time you may be preparing CVs, letters and presentations for potential employers, and during your employment you will need to combine all kinds of communication skills.

When you are working on a final year project or a dissertation, you will probably be given advice by your lecturers or department on structure, word length, referencing style and so on. This section aims to provide general advice, and a starting point for you, but make sure you consult any guidance given to you for specific assignments as well.

The main areas of communication that this section will examine are:

  • Academic writing
  • Essay structure
  • Report structure
  • Oral communication (presentations)
  • Communication using web 2.0 tools and technologies

As with everything we’ve said before, you will find that your writing and presenting skills will improve with practice. If you are worried about your writing skills, speak to your lecturer or personal tutor for advice. Remember that the reader of your work wants to read your own words, and wants to know that you have understood what you are writing about.

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