Time management – Introduction

As we outlined on the previous page, time management is crucial to maximise your experience at Imperial (and when you start working outside Imperial, demonstrable time management skills will be desired by all employers).

Time spent planning your learning can greatly benefit your studies on two levels. Firstly, you are more likely to avoid last minute rushes and participate in a wider number of activities if you have developed a realistic overview of your commitments. Secondly, if you approach a piece of work in a planned way you are more likely to carry out each stage efficiently and effectively, producing higher quality pieces of work.

All of the processes of research that have been described and discussed in previous sections will contribute towards your planning. Spending time thinking carefully about what kind of information you need to find, and plan your search strategy accordingly you will save more time, than simply spending panicked hours searching for and reading things that aren’t relevant to your work. Equally, storing your work efficiently and in a way that means you can locate documents, notes and reference information quickly will save you time, especially when you have to pull together your research to write an assignment.

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