Prioritising your time and workload

You will know how much difference you can make if you prioritise your work. Procrastination is easy, but prioritising your tasks, and assigning those to a work plan will help, particularly when you have a lot to do. If you have only a vague idea of your week, and don’t keep up with deadlines, you will fall into the trap of procrastination, and be distracted.

So what should you do?

Prioritise your workload

What do you need to consider?

  • Personal motivation / interest
  • Oncoming deadlines
  • Confidence with the task / skill
  • Difficulty of the task
Relate individual tasks to each other and put them in the wider focus of all your commitments and responsibilities.
  • what is urgent?
  • what is routine?
  • What can be prepared in advance
Be aware
  • some things demand immediate attention
  • some things can be predicted and routinely planned for
  • some things can be prepared in advance
Be organised and know what is urgent and important.


Where does each task fit? Is it urgent and important? Or important but not urgent? Now apply this to your planning sheets, tackling urgent and important things first and allocating time ahead for important but non-urgent work.
Your ability to prioritise time will be helped by the process of subdividing activities into tasks and drafting action plans.

Use the grid below to plot your tasks according to their urgency and importance.


Important and urgent

  • Crises
  • Pressing problems
  • Deadline-driven projects
  • Meetings
  • Preparations


Quality time

Not Urgent but important 

  • Preparation
  • Prevention
  • Clarification of values
  • Planning
  • Building relationships
  • Recreation


Not important but urgent

  • Interruptions
  • Non-relevant Meetings
  • Non-relevant activities
  • Overload of small  tasks


Time wasters

Not Urgent and not Important

  • Trivia
  • Gossip
  • Diversionary activities
  • Junk mail

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