Time management checklist

Time management checklist

Question / task

Think about

Establish your regular commitments What will you be doing each week?
Put this information into a weekly plan Copy enough of these to last a term or semester
What broad activities are you involved in? Study?
Spare time?
Eating, sleeping, shopping?
What tasks are involved? Break down the major activities into their constituent parts
Establish priorities What is urgent?
What can be done over time?
What is routine?
Relate tasks to time What types of tasks are they?
Do they need consecutive time?
Can they be done in small breaks?
Where do you need to be to complete the task?
Make work plans Plan each week – be prepared, get an
Plan each day – be active, use checklists
Stick to these plans Make sure they’re realistic
Try not to develop a backlog
Get motivated Be focused – always know what you want to achieve
Stay motivated Introduce variety – don’t slog away at one thing
Take real breaks but avoid distractions
Complete tasks You’ll feel better in the end
Reward productivity You’ve earned it!

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