Current awareness – Learning outcomes

There are numerous tools available to help you keep up to date with both your subject and interests outside university. At the start of your course you may simply want to monitor general developments in science, but as you develop your subject knowledge, and take part in research topics, there may be more specific topics, publications and people that you need to track.

Traditionally current awareness services tended to provide you with access to journal table of contents so you could quickly scan the latest published issues. Now there are many other ways of getting this information, and this section aims to provide an introduction to the services and tools available.

At the end of this section you should:

  1. know what an alerting service is
  2. be able to identify and use an appropriate alerting service for your subject
  3. be able to identify web 2.0 technologies for current awareness, such as RSS feeds, and social networks
  4. be able to demonstrate how to manage information found using current awareness services, i.e. using a feed reader


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