Current awareness – Introduction

With all of the services discussed in the following pages, you will find you may prefer one kind of tool over another, and within a project group, or a group of your friends, there may be a range of opinions about the usefulness of a particular tool compared to another. Try them out – if something doesn’t work for you, or doesn’t do what you want, there’s probably something else you can try instead. Don’t feel you have to jump on the bandwagon, only use tools and services that will deliver useful results otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed.

Before you decide what to use, think about what kind of information you need and how the information is delivered. It is very tempting to sign up for as many journal alerts as possible, many discussion lists to cover all the subjects in your degree course, and endless RSS feeds, but you’ll become more overwhelmed with information than ever before. Be selective and if an alert or list becomes less useful, or is not relevant to your current needs, unsubscribe or cancel the alert. You can always return at a later date.


Be aware: if you use any tool which results in the creation of an online public profile, anyone can see these. That includes potential employers, your lecturers, your parents as well as your friends. Always use privacy settings when you set up accounts, and if there is publicly available information that you do not want your employers or lecturers to see, remove it, or ensure that your settings allow only people you’ve approved to view it.


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