Tables of contents services

Many journals will allow you to sign up for free email alerts of their latest table of contents. You can sign up to individual journal alert services or use an aggregated service.

ZETOC is a free service to the HE community, and provided by the British Library. Sign up to receive tables of contents for journal titles or conference proceedings which are of interest to you. You can receive alerts by email or by RSS (journals only).

  • You can also receive journal article abstracts using this service. This is very useful, as you will be able to see at a glance if an article is worth reading fully. That should save you time as you will only then have to find the journal articles you really want to read.
  • ZETOC alerts arrive with an automatic SFX link as well, which means that you can instantly find out if Imperial has a subscription to the online or print version of the journal you need.
  • You can use ZETOC to set up subject-related searches instead of or as well as journal title alerts. That means you don’t have to sign up to lots of journals to try and keep track of research; you can search for the specific subject you want to know about, and ZETOC will do the rest.

Journal TOCs is a free service offering tables of contents for journals delivered to you by RSS feeds. It doesn’t include as many titles as ZETOC or cover conference proceedings, but does include many leading journal titles so you are guaranteed a good selection to choose from. Sign up for alerts to be read in whichever feedreader you prefer.

  • Any feeds you sign up for will include links to the full text (dependent on an Imperial subscription) of articles wherever available
  • If you use RefWorks to manage your bibliographic information (see section 3.2 for more information) you can use JournalTOCs to export citation information directly to your RefWorks account

We would recommend using one of these aggregated services if you want to keep track of several journal titles. In addition RSS feeds will enable you to view this information using RSS based services such as NetVibes or iGoogle which are not dependent on checking email.

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